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The 10 best-selling products of 2021

In terms of sales, 2021 has been the best year for SampleScience. The list contains classics as well as new products I never thought would be successful but created anyways because I needed them for my own music production.

10 - French Violin

When I launched French Violin, I didn't know what to expect since most of my audience produce electronic genres of music. It turned out I was wrong and the instrument became an instant hit! Even though you can get the instrument for free, a lot of people gave donations making it a best seller of the year.

9 - Famidrums

In its first iteration in 2016, Famidrums was a very basic plugin. In 2021, it got re-released as a sample pack and became a huge success! I knew Nintendo sounds were popular, but not to that point!

8 - CZ-Tronics

Rare synth sounds from a Casio CZ-5000 phase distortion synthesizer. CZ-Tronics got a slow start but eventually grew in popularity during 2021. Get it if you're into authentic 80s sounds.

7 - Cinematic Piano

A beautiful sounding acoustic piano, very light on the CPU, with a mellow sound perfect for film scoring. Cinematic Piano was released in June 2020 and slowly became a best-seller in 2021.

6 - Vintage Drum Elements v2

Vintage Drum Elements v2 has been successful right from its initial release in 2015. A new version which adds a lot of functions is in the work.

5 - Nouveau Mellow

Nouveau Mellow is a very lo-fi instrument with a very grungy tone. It sounds like an Edison cylinder orchestra! I've heard from customers that it's being used in very underground genres of music like dungeon synth.

4 - Northern Boarders

Northern Boarders is an all-time best seller and for good reasons. It's a lo-fi sound powerhouse with a lot of features to create Boards of Canada-style sounds.

3 - Pine Forest Drums

Pine Forest Drums is a drum module inspired by the drum sound of Boards of Canada. It is by far one of my all-time bestsellers. It's also available as a low-cost sample pack.

2 - Nostromos v2

Nostromos v2 is a virtual instrument inspired by the Alien movie franchise. The user interface is inspired by Alien Covenant, a very unpopular movie in the series, yet one of my favorite of all time. Nostromos v2 contains 100 atmospheres for film scoring. It's great.

1 - SQ8ROM

The success of SQ8ROM caught me completely off-guard. But when I think about it, it makes sense: you get plenty of 80s sounds for a very low price. The sounds are easy to shape so you can focus on the composition and arrangements. Overall, a great plugin that does what it says on the tin!

Have a great week and stay creative!





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