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Will A.I. replace musicians?

This artwork has been created by Deepmind, an artificial intelligence

A.I. is a hot topic now and has been for the last couple of years. In the plugin market, it's often used to deceive customers into thinking they are buying new technologies when in fact they are not.

Some plugins that propose A.I.-generated sounds and MIDI data are usually based on procedural techniques, which are basically sets of rules that the software has to respect when it randomly generates content.

Don't get me wrong, some of these plugins are great, but they're not A.I.

But when it comes to art, A.I. is getting closer and closer to human results. Just a look at the gallery of visual artwork done by Deepmind, it's enough to convince you it's coming sooner than later.

Fortunately, for musicians, we're not at a point where A.I. can create convincing tracks from start to finish. Most A.I. services that provide music call their technology "assistants" rather than "generators".

Results are quite impressive, as you can hear, convincing music can be "created" by A.I. When listening to this music, the question is more about how it was created than if an A.I. actually created it.

Remember, this A.I. is a "Creative Assistant for Creative People", so I'm pretty sure that human intervention is part of the reason why it sounds so good. There must be at least a selection of the instruments and arrangement parts.

I wouldn't be surprised if the final mix and mastering as been done by humans too.

So we're not there yet, but it's coming for sure. How long it takes will depend on new discoveries. Don't be fooled by Silicon Valley gurus who are pushing their ideas to make their investments grow.

Have a good Friday!

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