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10 creativity tips for musicians

Stuck on a creative block? Don't have any new ideas for a track? Here are 10 creativity tips for musicians, short and sweet, and straight to the point!

1. Get inspired by other music genres.

2. Find a creative partner to help stimulate new ideas.

3. Set some structure for your creative sessions, but don’t be too rigid – allow for spontaneity.

4. Keep a notebook or recorder handy at all times to jot down ideas as they come to you.

5. Take time out each day to just improvise and experiment – let your creativity flow.

6. Make use of technology, but don’t be afraid to use more traditional methods too. Example: use A.I. to generate music for you, and personalize it to your tastes.

7. Draw inspiration from other art forms, such as painting, literature, or film.

8. Take a walk in nature, or listen to the sounds of the city – let the world around you stimulate your creativity. Staying away from the computer screen for a couple of hours can really help.

9. Practice mindfulness and meditation to clear your mind and open yourself up to new ideas.

10. Get plenty of sleep and exercise to keep your body and mind healthy and sharp.

Have a great Friday!


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