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Musicians vs technicians

Broadly speaking, there are two types of customers in the plugin market. The musicians and the technicians.

The musicians know music theory and how to play at least one instrument. They want to generate emotions so their focus is on the feel of things.

The technicians look at the technical side of things, they want something with a lot of features and flexibility because they want to see what technology can accomplish.

The musicians look for instruments that are simple and expressive.

The technicians will tend to look for technical feats. The more innovative a plugin is from a technical point of view, the better it is for them.

The musicians want useful sounds that fit with a particular emotion.

The technicians like tech in itself and tinkering with complex tools is part of the fun for them. Even if it results in unlistenable jam sessions.

The musicians want to connect with an audience.

The technicians are perfectly fine making music nobody will ever hear.

The musicians are busy releasing and promoting their music.

The technicians will endlessly argue on forums about what synth sounds better and why.

The musicians are connected to the music culture.

The technicians are connected to the tech culture.

These are the two types of customers in the plugin market. Guess which one I cater to?

Have a great end of the week!

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