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Our most popular free plugins

Here's a selection of our most popular free plugins. Read this email if you want to make sure you got them all! Also, keep in mind that these plugins are compatible with Windows 8.1/10 and macOS El Capitan to Mojave (not compatible with Catalina and up).

Most popular free piano: Room Piano v3

By far our most popular piano! Room Piano v3 is an improved version of Room Piano v2, minus the vinyl crackles function. This VST/AU plugin instrument is based on an upright acoustic piano 24-bit stereo recording.

Get Room Piano v3 here.

Second most popular free piano: Resonance

Resonance is an acoustic piano sampled staccato style for arpeggios and fast melodies in the style of Nils Frahm. It combines the sound of a sampled acoustic piano with physically modelled body resonance. Hence the name "Resonance".

Get Resonance here.

Most popular lo-fi plugin: Cassette Roads

Cassette Roads is the beautiful sound of an electric piano recorded on a cassette. Perfect for lo-fi hip hop and beat making. This plugin has been a hit from day one. Go get it if you don't already have it!

Get Cassette Roads.

Most popular free drum plugin: 606 Koncept

I've been extremely proud of this plugin as it brings something new (or at least unusual) to the drum plugin world. The multi-pitch sum mixer is unique to this plugin and really suits the sound of the 606. Use it to beef up the sound of the 606 and use the low/high knobs to squash the sound even more! Hours of fun!

Get 606 Koncept here.

Most popular atmospheres generator: Synthetic Vortices [Plugin Edition]

Synthetic Vortices is a collection of 90 abstract ambient loops created using the Ensoniq Fizmo. It's perfect to created weird atmospheres for a YouTube video or a documentary. The sounds are also available as a sample pack so you can drop them directly into a video editor!

Get Synthetic Vortices here.

Most popular orchestral percussion: The Gong

A Gong sampled in 4 different velocities and provided with 4 different articulations. Perfect for New Age and meditation music production!

Get The Gong here.

Note that you need to put 0 in the price field to get these fine plugins for free.

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