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Free Sample Friday: Nouveau Djembe!

50 djembe samples hitting the right spot

Free Sample Friday: Nouveau Djembe

The Free Sample Friday sample pack of the week is a portable djembe that I hit with a drum stick. The samples have been lightly processed to be hard-hitting and cut through a mix. You get 50 one-shots recorded in stereo. As a bonus, I added a dozen stick samples hitting the side of the djembe.

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I'm now on Patreon!

It's not rare that customers think that SampleScience is a big company with multiple employees. It's not! SampleScience is just me and a couple of freelancers scattered around the globe. This confusion leads to unreasonable expectations of what can and cannot be done. For example, it's impossible for me to answer all emails, if I would there wouldn't be any time left to create the sample packs and virtual instruments in the first place! Because of this, support for people who purchased is prioritized.

One thing to be aware about the SampleScience website: it's 10 000 visits per day! It's a lot of people and what drives most of the traffic is obviously the freebies.

In order to make things more human and transparent, I decided to open a Patreon where my core fan base will be able to communicate directly with me, make suggestions, and give feedback.

As a perk, the second and third tiers will get exclusive sample packs and virtual instruments. The first tier is for people who just want to help support the development of my free virtual instruments and sample pack, which is already a lot of work by itself.

For the moment there aren't any perks uploaded. They'll be created during the following weeks.

That's it for this week! I hope you'll have a great creative weekend!

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