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Free Sample Friday: Circuit Bent Loops

This week's Free Sample Friday pack

Circuit Bent Loops is a collection of samples from a circuit-bent device. Circuit bending is creating new connexions on a circuit board of a low-voltage device like electronic toys and guitar pedals. These connexions are found randomly and the ones that sound great are soldered.

For this collection, I sampled a circuit-bent device bought on eBay. I don't know what's in it but judging by the sound, it sounds like a toy fire truck.

Get Circuit Bent Loops Here

80s Plugins Bundle for synthwave, retrowave, and any 80s style music productions

80s Plugin Bundle is my newest bundle for 80s music producers. In it, you get 5 of my most popular plugins for 80s production and save 50% Off the standard prices*! Includes SQ8ROM, 80s TV Drums, Vintage Drum Elements v2, 80s Arcade Sounds, and CZ-Tronics.

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Have a great Friday!






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