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Analog Waveforms Ds updated to v1.1

Analog Waveforms Ds has been updated to v1.1!

Analog Waveforms Ds is a synthesizer based on a sound set that replicates the oscillators of a Dave Smith Mopho synthesizer. Thanks to this method, the synthesizer doesn't alias which means that it doesn't distort in higher frequencies. This clarity in sound really shows in the keys presets.

Analog Waveforms Ds works in Decent Sampler, a free sampler for all OS and DAWs. If you don't have it already, I highly recommend that you give it a try and visit my selection of libraries for it (mostly free).

The new version now comes as a dslibrary file shipped with 20 presets to get you started (+ an init preset for the sound designers out there).

Have a good Friday!

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