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6 Free Plugins and their concept part 3

Part 3 of my series of articles where I explain the concept behind my free plugins. Previous entries in this series can be found in my post archive.

Gorilla Bass [Free version]: With Gorilla Bass, I wanted to create a classic abrasive bass rompler. The plugin features a collection of Reese bass that can be used in drum and bass, jungle, and more modern music genre like 2-steps and even dubstep. Since these genres are often sample-based (at least in part), I thought it would be cool to create a bass rompler for quick and dirty bass. It's a good plugin to ignite inspiration and easily create basslines when you have no ideas.

Oberom: A sampled version of Oberon by Land of Cockaigne, an old 32-bit Windows-only VST plugin with a very unique sound. I decided to create a sampled version for macOS users and for Windows users who are looking for a 64-bit version of this "vintage" plugin. Even though it's sampled, you still get some interesting features like the multi-filters and the glide in mono mode. As you can hear in the audio demo, it's great for synthwave, synth-pop, and retrowave music productions.

Four EP: A collection of 4 electric piano sounds created using additive and FM synthesis. Great for straightforward electric piano sounds with a digital tone. The idea was to create a simple but dynamic plugin that you can just drop in your project for instant electric piano sounds. Obviously, you'll get the most of it if you're a piano player.

The Gong: A minimalist approach to a gong plugin. Instead of providing a sample pack, I decided to create a simple plugin with the multi-velocity samples in it and 4 different articulations (ways of hitting the gong). As far as I know, one of the rare Gong plugin out there. Perfect for New Age music productions and for your meditation/yoga sessions! For the record: The Gong was initially named "Gong Bang".

GB DrumBox: A collaboration between me and Bedroom Musician Blog creator Tomislav Zlatic. This is a fun drum module featuring 12 Game Boy drum kits. I added as many features as possible to it so that you can tweak the kits in extreme ways! The user interface is also a collaboration between me and Tomislav.

99Sounds Drum Machine: This is a plugin I created in 2017 in collaboration with Tomislav Zlatic, the man behind the BPB blog and 99Sounds. Like GB DrumBox, it's a fun drum module featuring 12 drum kits of electronic sounds created by Tomislav. It's a plugin I'd like to redo in the future. I'm much better at user interface design now than I was then! Still, I think it's a cool plugin to add to your arsenal.

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