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6 Free Plugins and their concept part 2

This is part 2 of an article where I described the concept and idea behind all my free plugins. You can find Part 1 in my post archive.

Cassette Roads: The concept is very simple: record the sound of an electric piano on cassette, denoize it, and create a virtual instrument out of it. The result is beautiful and delicate. It's custom-made for lo-fi hip-hop productions. By far, one of my most successful plugins!

Synthetic Vortices [Plugin Edition]: 90 abstract electronic loops made with an Ensoniq Fizmo. The samples have been mapped according to their keys. I created it with the free SuperMassive delay by Vahalla in mind. Both plugins complement each other really well. I recommend using them together to create your own sound beds and atmospheres instead of just using the stock sounds.

Room Piano v3: A very simple piano made from a piano recorded in a living room. I like lightweight pianos that don't require multiple GBs of precious hard drive space. Room Piano is an experiment in my quest of trying to get the best piano sound out of as few samples as possible. This brings me to...

Resonance: The idea was to combine the short attack of an acoustic piano with the body resonance generated by a physical model (a software). The result is way better than expected, and I immediately thought about Nils Frahm arpeggios when I played with it for the first time. For me, Resonance is a good plugin for modern classical composers. It can add a bit of variety to piano compositions, and its limitations force you to be more creative.

Toy Keyboard v2: With its Depeche Mode demo track, Toy Keyboard v1 has been an unexpected success. v2 fixes a lot of bugs found in v1 and adds more parameters to tweak your sound. There are very few home keyboard plugins on the market and I thought that creating one would fill a gap. It sure did!

Pianotone 600: The sound of a 70s electronic keyboard, sampled and recreated in virtual form. Very simple in concept and in sound. Like many other plugins I created, I did it to fill a gap in the market and provide something interesting for very specific audiences. This is the kind of plugin to use if you're into 70s exotica electronic instrumentals in the style of Plone.

Part 3 coming up next week, Monday, September 27.

Have a great creative week!





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