Super Lynn Drums

Super Lynn Drums is a meticulously crafted virtual instrument that brings the iconic drum machines of the 80s back to life. Using advanced FM synthesis, physical modeling, and cutting-edge production techniques, we’ve recreated and enhanced the legendary LM1, LM2, Linndrum, and Lin 9000.

Designed for everyone from professional musicians to bedroom producers, Super Lynn Drums offers an intuitive interface that will have you laying down tracks in no time. The result? Drum tones that don’t just sound like they’re straight out of the 80s—they feel like it, too.

But we didn’t stop at authenticity. Our modern enhancements mean that each drum hit offers unparalleled clarity and depth, giving your tracks a rich, full-bodied sound that stands up to today’s production standards. Experience the nostalgia of the 80s with the quality and precision of the 21st century with Super Lynn Drums.


  • A classic 80s drum machine sound recreated
  • with modern tools
  • 4 new 80s-style drum kits
  • 5 variations for a total of 20 drum kits
  • Distortion, delay, and reverb effects
  • A sub-oscillator for thick drums
  • Vinyl and tape layer effects for that organic sound
  • Each drum can be tuned and sent to its own output


  • Windows 8.1/10/11 or macOS El Capitan and up
  • 261 MB of HD space
  • Quad-core CPU or better with 8 GB of RAM or more
  • 64-bit VSTi/VST3/AUi Host
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Super Lynn Drums

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